For a quick and detailed answer we made a summary of all frequently asked questions. Please click on the heading below to find more information.

Gift cards            
How can I redeem my gift card?
Go to the shopping cart, enter the code in the field “Voucher code” and click on the “Redeem” button. After that, your voucher balance will be shown.
The voucher balance will be used only at the end of the purchase process.
If at the end of the purchase process, after the voucher balance has been used, a break-off happens, the shop system cannot always refund the voucher balance automatically. In this case, please contact us, and we will send you a new voucher.
Why does my gift card code not work?
There are different kinds of Brandy gift cards. At our Brandy & Melville online shop you will only be able to use the ones you bought online at www.brandymelville.de.
How long is a Brandy gift card valid?
You can use your card within three calendar years from the day it was bought.
What happens if I return items I bought with a gift card?
In that case we will provide you a new gift card code via email as a refund for your returned pieces.
All additional remains will be transferred back on your account. PayPal or credit card payments will be return automatically. If your payment was via bank transfer we will need your banking information. Please send us a note with all necessary details for a fast and easy transaction.
My gift card has been lost or got stolen. What should I do?
Each gift card contains a code which has also been send by email to the one how ordered it. In case you can not find that mail as well please call us! With your name and address we might be able to find it in our system.
Order process            
Do I need to register to shop online?
For a quick and easy process of your delivery you need to create an account. Of course you can delete all your personal details at any time straight away after your order.
Can I delete or change items after I ordered?
As long as your parcel didn’t left our warehouse, we can change your delivery accordion to your wishes. Please get in touch as soon as possible!
Can I add pieces to my order after the check-out?
Due to technical reasons we are not able to add additional pieces. If you order twice at the same day, both orders will be delivered in separate parcels.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept PayPal, credit card (VISA & MasterCard) and bank transfer.
If you want to pay by bank transfer you will receive an email with our banking information. The invoice total need to be paid within 14 days. After this term we can no longer guarantee that your ordered items are still in stock! As soon as your payment was registered we send of your parcel. Therefore payment by bank transfer always prolongs the shipping for at least one day.
What does Verified by Visa or SecureCode by MasterCard mean?
In order to protect you from credit card misuse you will have to type in your personal and freely chosen password. Contact your bank to get further information.
Can I purchase on account?
No, it is currently not possible to purchase on account at Brandy & Melville.
Can I return ordered products?
Of course you are free to return any articles you do not want to keep with in 14 days of delivery without giving reasons. All products need to be in mint and sellable condition. Please note that due to hygiene reasons we are not able to refund any pierced jewelry.
Do I have to pay for returns?
International customers need to pay to return correctly send items. Please return all items in a suitable and solid package. You can combine returns from several orders in one parcel as long as you send it back within 14 days of reception.
Make sure that your mailings is prepaid and keep your proof of postage when you return.
If your order was faulty please contact our customer service to get free returns.
Within Germany we provide free returns for all returns over 40€ value of goods. Please get in touch to receive your returns label.
Can I return or exchange items I bought online in a Brandy & Melville store?
We are sorry to inform you that it is currently not possible to return or exchange items of your order in one of your local stores. Please send back your goods directly to our online warehouse.
Is it possible to return, exchange or make reclamations in Germany of Brandy & Melville products, if I bought them abroad?
Since the Brandy & Melville stores abroad belong to another company, it is not possible for us to do article exchanges or attend reclamations. If you would like to return an article purchased abroad, please get in contact with the shop where you bought it.
Can I refund SALE articles?
Every item in our online shop can be returned within 14 days of perception. This refers as well to SALE articles.
How do I get my money back in case of returns?
In case of PayPal or credit card payments your money will be return automatically within a couple of days. If your payment was via bank transfer we will need your banking information. Please send us a note with all necessary details for a fast and easy transaction.
How long does it take until I get my money back?
After your return arrived we will check all pieces and send your refund as soon as possible. Refunds usually take 3 to 4 days, but never longer as 30 days.
Problems with your order            
My order is not complete. What can I do?
We are very sorry that mistakes like this may happen. Please get in touch with our costumer service as soon as possible so we can provide that your desired article is still in stock!.
I have received a wrong article. What should I do?
Of course we are going to exchange the pieces for you free of charge! Please get in touch with our costumer service as soon as possible to get more information.
My order has been confirmed. But now I got a mail which says that the article is sold out. How can that happen?
Our shop is synchronized in certain intervals. So it may happen that different costumers order the same piece at the same time. In case of articles with low stock we are only able to provide the piece for the costumers who ordered first.
I saw an item at your store. Can I purchase it as well online?
Our sales mix is different in every store in order to surprise you every time again! Additionally certain articles hit the different stores at different times. Therefore it is likely that you will find the item you saw at our shop as well online… but it is never sure.
Due to technical and organizational reasons we are unfortunately not able to give you any information about weather your desired article will be available online or is going to be back in stock again.
To which countries do you deliver?
The Brandy & Melville Shop ships only to Germany.
Do I have to pay for returns?
Unfortunately you will have to pay for the return yourself. But you are free to use a different, smaller package to save shipping fees.
When will I receive my order?
Once the goods have left our warehouse, you get for every order (except for vouchers), an e-mail with the tracking number. With this number you can follow easily the current status of your shipment through the website of our shipping partner DHL (www.dhl.de). In case you don’t find the e-mail, it is possibly that it ended up in your spam folder.
What means „one size“ and who does it fit?
Most Brandy & Melville pieces only come in one size as we use stretchy fabrics and offer a lot of loose fit cuts. It approximately covers Size XS up to M, of course always depending on the piece. If you are not sure please check the measurements we provide on each piece!
What’s the difference between the Italian (IT) and EU sizes?
Italien sizes are four sizes higher than the standard European ones. For example an Italian Size 40 is a European Size 36.
As Brandy & Melville originally comes from Italy we do not exchange the size labels but provide you with the information about both sizing.
Further questions            
Could you please open a shop at my city?
All new shop openings are announced on Facebook. So, stay tuned! And thanks a lot for your lovely support!
Can I purchase Brandy & Melville SALE items online?
Well, let’s see…
I am a blogger and want to cooperate with Brandy & Melville. Whom should I approach?
Currently there are no plans about cooperation with fashion blogs or other advertising partners. We kindly ask you to refrain from enquiries!

If you are still in doubt you can of course contact us at any time!
We are available from 9am to 5pm each Monday to Friday on +49 30 91748784. Or just send us an email to: service@brandymelville.de